Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

124 VIEWPOINT Driving business outcomes RAHUL KUMAR AND DEEPAK KUMAR PARASHAR: INFOSYS Implementing a three-pronged strategic approach to digital transformation journeys can refine operational efficiency and strengthen communication “Microsoft Practice at Infosys is dedicated to harnessing AI’s transformative potential” Microsoft Practice at Infosys takes an experience-focused, human-led and artificial intelligence-enabled approach to accelerate clients’ digital transformation journeys. With a strong alignment to Microsoft’s ‘do more with less’ ethos, we prepare businesses for the future by configuring personalised engagements, optimised operations and empowered employees. We follow a three-pronged strategic approach to comprehensively transform businesses, aiming to refine operational efficiency and strengthen communication. We are heavily investing in industry accelerators and IP-led selling. This is not only helping businesses to modernise and streamline operations generating hyper-personalised experiences and driving accelerated adoption of various workloads but is also driving our growth across verticals through a well-balanced mix of service offerings. For a leading energy supplier based in the UK, we deployed the Infosys REF-OR-M Connected Field Service solution to redefine its customer engagement. We achieved this through seamless work order management, on-field assistance and integrations with asset management to support customer assets throughout the ‘acquire to retire’ cycle. Similarly, Infosys helped Brent Council in the UK to accelerate its journey to become a digital council, powered by a seamless user experience for its residents. We leveraged our ‘Council in a Box’ suite of solutions to reimagine service delivery and meet users’ needs, which is critical to public services. To help clients realise the full potential of industry cloud offerings, we have built the Infosys framework, which covers three stages – advise, adopt and amplify – that closely align clients’ business objectives and drive greater outcomes. Productivity and cost optimisation are essential for businesses of all sizes, as they have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability. Infosys has been continuously focusing on building solutions that can optimise client costs and automate processes. We have been actively leveraging the Microsoft Process Advisor tool in existing programmes and have helped clients to identify inefficient processes, shortlist automation opportunities, improve communication and collaboration, provide insights on customer behaviour, and enhance compliance. We leveraged the process advisor tool for a client that had implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to analyse and identify areas of productivity improvement and cost optimisation. The programme offered recommendations to reduce warehousing costs by locating problematic warehouses in a supply chain, reduced cycle time by analysing inefficiencies within production, and recommended how