Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

125 to use automation to minimise rework in production. We are also working towards deciphering the root causes of logistic delays to avert possible revenue losses. Microsoft Practice at Infosys is dedicated to harnessing AI’s transformative potential to strengthen our clients’ sales ecosystem by fostering stronger connections and enabling more tailored communications. A recent example is our deployment of Microsoft Sales Copilot to help a world leader in electrical, communications and utility distribution and supply chain services to elevate the customer experience. The Microsoft tool was presented to the client as a time-saving feature that could save salespeople hundreds of hours that previously went into unproductive data tracking in their unified sales desk. Similarly, our Sales Consulting team gave a high level overview of Sales Copilot, which was followed by a detailed demo, highlighting the critical time-saving feature of Sales Copilot to the client. The project team also presented a tailor-made proof of concept (PoC) that convinced the client of the value it would add to their business through elevated communication between their sales professionals and customers. Additionally, Infosys has been supporting multiple clients post-implementation to deliver extended benefits. One such example is our engagement with a US-based railroad company that implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to overcome issues caused by frequent customer session timeouts. Infosys helped resolve the issue, resulting in a 77 per cent reduction in transaction time and significantly improved productivity. Our structured approach to client success is delivering enhanced operational productivity and superior customer engagement for hundreds of clients around the globe. Rahul Kumar and Deepak Kumar Parashar are directors of Microsoft Practice at Infosys IN FOCUS: DYNAMICS 365 Photo: Unsplash/Headway