Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

141 “Skkynet’s offerings for Microsoft Azure provide entry-level engineers with the resources they need to build effective industrial control solutions. Working with our Skkynet DataHub service for Azure is an ideal way for young professionals to quickly familiarise themselves with the industrial internet of things by making it easy to integrate live data from remote systems into Azure IoT Hub and other applications. At every level of user expertise, from educational projects to mission-critical installations, DataHub software turns complex data communication problems into simple configuration tasks.” “In light of the ongoing manufacturing labour shortage and increasingly competitive talent landscape, driving and maintaining worker engagement is more critical than ever. Given these conditions, leading enterprises are shifting from a process-centric to humancentric approach to manufacturing. For the past decade, Tulip has focused on empowering manufacturing engineers to innovate and solve problems at the source, leveraging Microsoft services to augment the worker experience, increase collaboration, and improve visibility. To meet ever-changing technology and workforce expectations, Tulip is partnering with Microsoft to build an industrial AI assistant, through which operators can leverage Azure OpenAI Service to solve problems in real time and ultimately drive increased retention.” “Despite the many technological advancements we’ve seen in manufacturing over the years, it’s important to remember that manufacturing cannot exist without people, especially frontline workers. People need to be at the centre of technology and not the other way around. Siemens’ Teamcenter app on Microsoft Teams, developed in partnership with Microsoft, leverages Azure OpenAI Service and ChatGPT to empower frontline workers and connect them to the enterprise. It extends Teamcenter from the engineering office to the shop floor, connecting frontline workers to knowledge, experts and processes. Empowered workers make happy employees, and happy employees tend to stick around.” Joe Bohman Executive Vice President of PLM Products, Siemens Xavier Mesrobian Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Skkynet Patrick Harrigan Head of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Tulip Interfaces Photo: iStock/FG Trade Photo: iStock/Marco VDM Photo: Tulip Interfaces