Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

145 transformation. In tandem with this, industrial metaverse technologies are attracting growing volumes of investment. The industrial metaverse presents a diverse set of use cases. It could be used to transform the engineering and design of large industrial projects. For instance, its immersive multiplayer simulations and rehearsal capabilities will enable engineers to practice complex scenarios virtually. In addition, the industrial metaverse could help organisations to make supply chains more closely integrated as silos are opened up. Face-to-face interactions among multiple players, albeit virtual, will foster collaboration, communication and innovative problemsolving in material management and sourcing. Industries can also use the metaverse to improve and optimise operations by integrating IT, operational technology, and enterprise data and analysis, resulting in increased value. Leveraging real-time data streams from sensors, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and manufacturing execution systems provides valuable insights for predictive maintenance, process optimisation and informed decision-making. Furthermore, the industrial metaverse enables accessible virtual training, remote collaboration and knowledge-sharing among geographically dispersed teams, as well as real-time upskilling and reskilling in a 3D environment. Similarly, enterprises will be able to use the industrial metaverse to enhance safety and reduce risks by simulating complex scenarios, rehearsing operations virtually environment, and devising effective mitigation strategies. The industrial metaverse is being built on proven, widely deployed technologies. Its applications will be easiest to leverage for those companies that already have a significant digital investment. Technologies including extended reality and the digital twin can support functions such as maintenance and repair, industrial design and prototyping, manufacturing quality control and optimisation, and workforce collaboration and training. The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources in the US state of Georgia saves water, money and energy with a suite of AVEVA solutions that works as a central nervous system for the enterprise. These Photo: metamorworks INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING