Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

146 VIEWPOINT include AVEVA Unified Operations Center and AVEVA Insight, both powered by the Microsoft cloud. The organisation now has a unified view from half a million data points from multiple sites, including production plants, distribution networks, and collection points which means it can better forecast demand peaks and maintenance needs, while clean water delivery has increased 20 per cent, and redundancy and reliability has improved. Just a single intervention saved $35,000 per year. Coffee retailer Starbucks uses an integrated human-machine interface and SCADA platform to view production and inventory data from the shopfloor to the top floor, improving industrial process control and enhancing operational efficiency. With mobile access to data, operators can make real-time actionable decisions. Such organisations will be among the first to benefit from this transformative technology by way of innovative breakthroughs, new revenue streams and sustainability dividends. For them, the industrial metaverse will serve a natural layer that enhances organisations’ existing infrastructure and futureproofs their businesses. We showcased the potential of the industrial metaverse at AVEVA World in San Francisco, California, in 2022. Delegates saw how easy it is to create and deploy an industrial metaverse, how the technology speeds up engineering and design reviews, and how it can improve on-site optimisation and streamline operational issues. At the 2023 event, which will be held on 23-26 October in San Francisco, we’ll take a closer look at these technologies and the role of digital innovation in driving sustainability and growth. Register for AVEVA World 2023 to take a closer look at the industrial metaverse at: Simon Bennett is head of research and innovation at AVEVA Starbucks uses digital technologies to track production data and inventory information from the shop floor to enhance operational efficiency and ensure it can meet customer demand Photo: Starbucks