Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

172 FEATURE “Itron is dedicated to creating a more resourceful world. We deliver powerful operational insights into the hands of city and utility decision makers, empowering them to solve real challenges faced by the communities they serve in the areas of sustainability, safety and economic development. By intelligently connecting devices, networks, applications and a broad portfolio of partner solutions, we enable utilities, cities and citizens to better manage energy, water and critical infrastructure. Our standards-based industrial internet of things network and Smart Cities platforms leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to help reduce operational costs, leverage multilayer security and accelerate the innovation cycle, adding value for our customers.” Dan Evans Director, Smart Cities, Itron “Stadiums are community gathering spaces for important sporting and cultural events and Johnson Controls helped develop digital twins for some of the biggest – the 2022 World Cup stadiums in Qatar. During the tournament, Qatar hosted 2.65 million spectators across eight venues, using digital twins to identify and respond to public safety and comfort factors, such as space utilisation, air temperature and energy consumption. By combining multiple data points, the digital twins created a holistic facility view that was used to simulate, test and predict future outcomes and optimise facility operation – all with the goal of providing the ultimate fan experience. This powerful, scalable technology is easily applied to buildings of any age and retrofitting existing building systems with digital twins presents an immense opportunity to modernise outdated buildings and move toward a more sustainable future.” Laura Hahn Vice President, OpenBlue Solutions Engineering, Johnson Controls Seamus Clancy Public Sector Leader for EMEA and LATAM, LinkedIn “LinkedIn continues to partner with governments to enhance workforce development and recruitment strategies. LinkedIn Talent Insight provides real-time, data-driven insights to identify skill gaps and assess labour market trends, aiding in policy and training programme design. Meanwhile, LinkedIn Learning offers a vast library of courses to upskill and reskill the workforce, aligning with government initiatives for education and employment. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions facilitate efficient and targeted recruitment, connecting government agencies with a broader talent pool. Together, these LinkedIn services empower governments to make informed decisions, foster skill development and streamline hiring processes to drive economic growth and public sector efficiency.” Photo: iStock/shih-wei