Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

182 FEATURE We asked selected partners how they are using Microsoft cloud and AI tools to help retailers and consumer goods organisations make supply chains smarter, more transparent, efficient and sustainable Partner perspectives “To meet demands from customers, investors and regulators, consumer goods companies and retailers must build efficiency and sustainability into their dayto-day activities and decisions. This requires real-time visibility across the ecosystem, and the ability to make and execute decisions at the moment of maximum impact. Our decision intelligence platform leverages Microsoft Azure to deliver AI-powered, data-driven recommendations at scale. Using Aera Decision Cloud, consumer goods companies are minimising stockouts, improving on-time and in-full delivery performance, reducing product waste and spoilage, and decreasing the amount of manual work required to make decisions. With decision intelligence, companies are becoming more sustainable, intelligent and efficient.” Eduardo Tobias Vice President, Partnerships and Strategic Growth, Aera Technology “Blue Yonder leverages Microsoft Cloud Services and Cognitive Services to enhance and support our more than 15 supply chain applications in the Microsoft Cloud for Retail marketplace. We help retailers achieve supply chain optimisation in areas such as demand planning, assortment and space planning, forecast and replenishment, pricing, warehouse management, transportation management, workforce management, omnichannel order fulfilment, and end-to-end supply chain visibility. All these solutions benefit from the scalability, reliability and security of Microsoft Cloud for Retail. We also actively engage with Microsoft in developing next-generation innovations, leveraging computer vision and other cognitive AI services for the future.” “The o9 Digital Brain is a leading AI-powered, cloudnative platform built to scale on Microsoft Azure and available as part of Microsoft Cloud for Retail. o9’s collaboration with Microsoft also includes integrations with Synapse Analytics, Dynamics 365, Power BI, o9 application for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s Supply Chain Platform, and transactable on Azure Marketplace. The combination of Microsoft technologies and o9’s solutions continues to help retailers realise value through improved access to their data and o9’s proprietary AI tools and models, in conjunction with Azure. o9 is excited to expand upon this strategic partnership with Microsoft’s Cloud for Retail to accelerate enterprises’ digital transformations.” Shannon Wu-Lebron Corporate Vice President, Global Retail Industry Strategy, Blue Yonder Tanguy Caillet Executive Vice President, Growth Markets and Global Partnerships, o9 Solutions Photo: Unsplash/Campaign Creators