Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

183 RETAIL & CG “With SAS Intelligent Planning we help our customers in the retail, consumer goods and grocery sectors to ensure on-shelf availability through a hyper-accurate demand planning service. AI-powered demand plans, short-term demand sensing and collaborative planning help retailers to stay a step ahead of their consumers with automated analytics that turn data into action. They can also detect forward-looking demand signals and get recommendations for balanced, profitable commercial plans across all their channels, categories and customers. Powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Retail, SAS Intelligent Planning is fully automated, providing retailers with forecasts and plans so they don’t have to worry about complicated data science or cloud operations.” Dan Mitchell Director Retail, Consumer Goods and Supply Chain, SAS “’s weather intelligence and climate adaptation platform, available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, empowers retailers to improve supply chain transparency, efficiency and sustainability. Supercharged by next-generation space technology, generative AI and proprietary modelling capabilities, equips retailers with insight into potential disruptions days in advance. This enables proactive risk mitigation via real-time monitoring, enhanced demand planning and strategic transportation management. With, retailers can drive resilient, efficient and sustainable operations.” “ToolsGroup revolutionises the retail landscape with advanced planning, execution and fulfilment solutions. We help retailers make more sales with less inventory, the modern approach to a sustainable supply chain. Our seamlessly integrated solutions leverage Microsoft Cloud for Retail’s advanced capabilities like Inventory Visibility and Intelligent Order Management, sharing data on a unified model to enable realtime decisions and ensure constant product availability. Retailers can maximise business performance with an integrated solution that connects financial planning with execution and fulfilment across all channels. With advanced inventory optimisation, AI-driven forecasting, pricing and promotions, and dynamic allocation, replenishment and fulfilment powered by real-time inventory visibility, retailers can prevent lost sales, reduce waste and minimise costs while exceeding customer expectations and boosting profitability.” Cole Swain Vice President, Product, Francesco Stolfo Partner, Vice President of Business Development, ToolsGroup Photo: Unsplash/Dhruv Patel