Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

22 MARKETWATCH: MICROSOFT TEAMS UPDATES Typeface launched a new artificial intelligence-powered application for Microsoft Teams in August 2023 to help organisations produce creative briefs, email campaigns, multimedia online adverts, and other marketing content. The application uses a combination of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Azure OpenAI Service to learn customer content examples, style guidelines, product details and imagery to train Typeface’s proprietary Affinity AI to build a unique content creation model for each brand. This all happens within Teams, where chats provide the business context and collaborative capabilities users need without them having to switch apps. In future, Typeface aims to extend its app across Microsoft 365 to Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and leverage data in Microsoft Graph. Typeface AI app for Microsoft Teams speeds up content creation There are more than 669,000 apps available in the Microsoft Windows store. Photo: Unsplash/Ed Hardie DID YOU KNOW? 280 million people use Microsoft Teams each day as of February 2023 and over one million organisations use it as their default messaging platform, and 60% of users are aged 35-54 years old Photo composite: Unsplash/Windows and Microsoft