Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

27 Photo: Credit Avalara creates sales tax calculator plugin for ChatGPT Avalara has launched an integrated plugin for ChatGPT that will allow users to calculate and research sales tax rates based on their location. According to Avalara, the company is the first tax compliance software provider to work with OpenAI to use its protocol to build an integrated plugin for ChatGPT. “The launch of the Avalara ChatGPT plugin illustrates Avalara’s commitment to expanding the ways in which we use artificial intelligence to manage tax content, improve our products and support customers,” said Vsu Subramanian, senior vice president of content engineering at Avalara. Photo: Avalara US-based private equity firm Mercato Partners has chosen JourneyTEAM to migrate its legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Migrating to Dynamics 365 helped to make Mercato’s sales process more efficient and customer-centric, and also helped to reduce the firm’s technical debt by 60 per cent. Mercato can now easily view customer history, necessary documentation and clear action items, which helps it to improve relationships with clients. By partnering with JourneyTEAM, and implementing Dynamics 365, Mercato has streamlined its sales pipeline, which has helped to improve user and customer satisfaction. Mercato turns to JourneyTEAM to increase Dynamics 365 adoption Photo: Mercato Photo: Tiger Technology Tiger Technology now supports Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier Tiger Technology's Tiger Bridge software now supports the Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier, helping firms to balance accessibility and cost-efficiency in their data management strategies. As outlined by Microsoft Azure, the cold tier can save customers an additional 64 per cent on capacity costs, compared to cool tier. Besides providing cost savings for organisations managing data with fluctuating access patterns, Tiger Technology’s support for the cold tier also facilitates disaster recovery planning and seamless business continuity, which increases organisations’ preparedness to navigate unforeseen challenges.