Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

organisations to leverage a growing number of environmental, social and governance (ESG) capabilities from Microsoft and its global ecosystem of partners to accelerate sustainability progress. Since then, Microsoft has delivered new features for the programme each month. “We have released water sustainability management features for customers to calculate, visualise and analyse their water data as well as ESG reporting capabilities ahead of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) that is coming into place in Europe,” says Thomas. “The Project ESG Lake, announced in June 2023, will allow customers and partners to analyse data and build custom applications for organisations to keep track of progress towards their ESG goals.” Microsoft Cloud provides a foundation upon which partners can deliver further innovation. “We focus on industries like financial services, retail, manufacturing and healthcare to really look at what is happening in that specific sector and identify how Microsoft and its partner ecosystem can help customers accelerate their time to value and productivity,” says Mitford. “And we do that in a variety of different ways. We look at our standard solutions that we bring to market like Azure and how we can make that meaningful for organisations in specific industries. “For example, we've worked with Epic to integrate Azure OpenAI Service with its electronic health records platform. We’ve also enabled healthcare providers such as New York's Mount Sinai Health System, which supports more than 3.7 million patients annually, to improve patient outcomes with better engagement and access to medical files through Azure Large Instances for Epic. Satish and I spend a lot of time with software partners and system integrators to help build solutions that add to the Microsoft portfolio and deliver real value to customers’ lives.” Thomas adds: “Ultimately, the work we’re doing across the Microsoft Industry clouds and our cross-industry clouds is helping to reimagine business processes. There’s a lot of excitement in the ecosystem and from our customers, so you can expect to hear a constant drumbeat of industry partners we engage deeply with, new capabilities and customer success stories in the coming months and beyond.” We asked Microsoft partners about how they are using Microsoft cloud-based and AI technologies to help their customers increase productivity, agility and innovation Partner perspectives “The digital twin has repeatedly proved to be a catalyst for improving productivity. From product design to maintenance and process optimisation, this seamless bridge between the physical and virtual worlds serves as an industrial digital backbone, revolutionising how teams engineer and operate industrial assets. Companies are expanding their data infrastructure with diverse data sets from across the value chain to create a connected industrial data ecosystem that enhances collaboration, innovation and productivity. Connected industrial technology at one engineering company has enabled teams to find actionable asset information within three minutes, reduced plant downtime by 30 per cent and increased staff productivity by 10 per cent.” Amanda Onate Senior Director, Platform Marketing, AVEVA Photo: iStock/metamorworks 49