Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

“Jabra’s research shows that 62 per cent of meetings are now held in meeting rooms, with half of them involving online participants. To increase productivity and collaboration during these meetings, Jabra has made new AI-powered updates to its PanaCast 50 video bar. The Jabra PanaCast 50 video bar enables Microsoft IntelliFrame with multiple video streams, providing a better view of who is speaking and a more inclusive experience. Face recognition functionality enables Teams to display the names of in-room participants to remote users. Meanwhile, voice recognition technology ensures in-room participants are correctly identified in meeting transcripts and intelligent recap in Teams Premium delivers more precise, automatically generated meeting notes.” “Accounts payable (AP) automation tools are revolutionising the way companies manage their finances. MetaViewer is an AI-enabled AP automation solution that integrates with Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning systems to provide valuable insight for finance teams. Repetitive tasks like data entry, invoice matching and approvals are mitigated by AP automation and it drastically reduces human error and saves valuable time. This increased efficiency translates to shorter invoice processing cycles, allowing businesses to capture early payment discounts and optimise their cash flow. Risk mitigation is enhanced with insights on spending patterns and compliance issues, giving early notice of impending risks. In essence, AP automation not only boosts productivity but also equips businesses with the insights needed to navigate their financial future with confidence.” COVER STORY “New Wave Workspace is a flexible platform that adapts to your hybrid work strategy. Employers and employees can find harmony with New Wave Workspace. We leverage Microsoft Cloud and AI to increase productivity, agility and innovation, and to securely authenticate users. New Wave captures data about workspace, including the presence of team members in the office, weather and traffic then uses AI to suggest an ideal workplace location to employees. AI prompts can tell employees who is at the office and which workplace amenities such as desks, meeting rooms and equipment are available to enable them to maximise collaboration and productivity. Facility managers can then innovate with New Wave based on office rightsizing occupancy data.” Nigel Dunn Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA North, Jabra Nica Faustino Chief Commercial Officer, New Wave Workspace Andy Birkey Marketing Communications Specialist, Metafile Information Systems Photo: Jabra Photo: New Wave Workspace 50