Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

64 VIEWPOINT Artificial intelligence is changing the way that businesses work, but how do they safely navigate a complex and rapidly evolving landscape? STANLEY WOOD: KYNDRYL Getting generative AI right Generative artificial intelligence has created opportunities for businesses to transform in ways that were previously not possible. It opens the door to a faster understanding of data, more effective communications and greater productivity in the workplace. However, generative AI must be used with considerable caution. Early adopters will have to navigate a complex and rapidly evolving landscape around ethics, security, data privacy, copyright and regulatory requirements. Microsoft and Kyndryl are jointly committed to the responsible use of AI. For instance, Microsoft has designed its Azure OpenAI Service to allow users to apply generative models to new scenarios in a secure environment and with built-in features for responsible use. Meanwhile, Kyndryl is uniquely positioned to help businesses navigate this rapidly changing environment through decades of experience designing and managing complex mission critical systems. One of the most transformative aspects of generative AI is the ability to quickly analyse and summarise unstructured data. Models can be used to quickly find patterns that would have taken weeks of effort to uncover with older techniques or may have even remained Image: Microsoft Copilot can save organisations time by quickly performing various tasks such as note summary