Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

71 any technology, and organisations should be utilising champion groups, education sessions and community spaces to ensure their employees can maximise the potential of AI. By creating awareness campaigns and sharing best practices for prompting, employers can improve their ability to adopt Copilot as well as the employee experience. Organisational change management includes license entitlement where organisations decide who will get access to Copilot. It is a great tool and can boost creativity and efficiency for those who can take advantage of it, and it will vary for each organisation. Kyndryl recommends a framework that can be used upfront with supporting tools to enact the choices you make. For example, we often hear that Copilot is being targeted at executives or directors, but there are better ways to identify exactly who should get a licence. By looking at your employee’s workloads and file usage you can better determine who is creating material on a routine basis, meaning you can target those who would benefit the most from Copilot. With any software, the correct licensing is important to manage cost and Microsoft offers many licences that meet the needs of different organisations. Kyndryl has saved customers millions of dollars by ensuring the right licences are applied providing employees with the right level of access to capabilities in the Microsoft 365 suite. This is just a brief overview of the ways organisations can integrate Microsoft’s AI technology into their workspace and, as customer zero, Kyndryl leverages the same AI capabilities when it delivers to its own customers. Vevek Lochub is director of automation and transformation, Dennis Perpetua is a distinguished engineer, and Ron Xavier is technical business development executive at Kyndryl “ Copilot is a catalyst for modernising enterprise content management strategies” Photo: Unsplash/LinkedIn Sales Solutions