Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

85 Being able to use video technology during meetings is also vital for improving the employee experience. The Hybrid Ways of Working Global Report found that 41 per cent of survey respondents said video is key to helping them feel involved during online meetings. Furthermore, 46 per cent believe that colleagues who appeared on camera seem more engaged than those who don’t. “Video is how people build connection,” says Khan. “For example, if I am in a meeting and someone has their camera on, I can read their body language and see if they are happy, relaxed, engaged and so on. However, if someone doesn’t have their camera on there is no sense of presence and I can’t tell how they are feeling.” To encourage people to turn their cameras on and actively participate in meetings, organisations must ensure the technology they implement delivers high-quality video. “Many people don’t realise cameras have come a long way,” says Khan. “Jabra had a breakthrough by building its multi-camera array. “Our devices have three distinct cameras so you can bring in everyone, but without the kind of distortion that can come with older, or more standard, cameras that have a fisheye lens or similar. “Distortion is an issue as it can lead to fatigue due to the brain recognising that something doesn’t look right, which causes mental dissonance. Our cameras preserve what we call human-scale fidelity, meaning everyone looks the same whether they are in the middle or on the edge of the frame.” Jabra is continuing to work with Microsoft to ensure that users of Jabra products can make the most of the office experience through Microsoft’s Signature Teams Rooms, which are meeting rooms designed using Microsoft guidelines and can be used with Jabra technology. “The signature rooms are designed to work around the technology we deliver including the PanaCast 50 video bar,” says Khan. “We are also introducing direct support for Microsoft’s IntelliFrame and finding more ways to integrate AI to support room booking systems. Organisations are looking for these things in the solutions they use so that they don’t feel as though they are being left behind.”