Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

86 The new frontier of cloud modernisation Ken Clayton highlights how Dynatrace’s artificial intelligence-powered observability platform helps enterprises to maximise the value of their Microsoft Azure cloud modernisation projects BY ALICE CHAMBERS Migrating to the cloud offers businesses multiple benefits, such as accelerating the speed of software development and increasing organisations’ operational efficiencies. However, the scale and dynamic nature of modern cloud ecosystems introduce complexities that require organisations to take a new approach to managing legacy systems by using a combination of dashboards, alerts and manual troubleshooting. “The proliferation of new cloud services and technologies is leading to fragmentation, which causes frustration for users, negative digital experiences and siloed data that results in limited analytics and intelligence,” says Ken Clayton, senior vice president of channels at Dynatrace. “To overcome these challenges, organisations must invest in observability and application security as essential components of their cloud strategies. They enable businesses to measure a system’s current status based on the data it generates. To achieve this, organisations need to deploy a fully unified solution that operates across the breadth and depth of application and infrastructure technologies deployed, rather than a collection of disparate tools.” Dynatrace has developed a unified observability and security platform to help the world’s largest and most complex organisations better manage their dynamic, hybrid and multicloud environments. “The platform is designed enhance the automation of workflows for speed and efficiency, secure cloud applications, and monitor complex and hybrid cloud environments to provide insightful analytics that inform teams and improve productivity,” says Clayton. “Our customers are buying Dynatrace to enable more effective control of their IT ecosystems at enormous scale and accelerate adoption, modernisation, innovation and transformation.” To enhance its efforts to assist businesses with cloud migration and modernisation, Dynatrace has partnered with Microsoft. “We recognise Microsoft Azure’s global customer adoption and reach, and the value it provides to customers in enabling their digital transformation initiatives,” says Clayton. “Our platform is purpose-built for cloud environments like Azure and is foundationally rooted in AI and intelligent automation. Dynatrace and Microsoft have a strong ‘build with’ approach and we work closely with the team to ensure that our deep technical integrations are fully aligned and functional INTERVIEW “ Azure Native Dynatrace Service showcases the depth of our partnership with Microsoft and demonstrates our commitment to technical readiness”