Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

88 Dynatrace is also exploring how artificial intelligence can improve cloud observability. “Our focus on AI and AI for IT operations (known as AIOPs) for new and existing use cases helps customers to maximise the value of automation from this intelligence, which will only become more pronounced as digital businesses continue to evolve,” says Clayton. “In addition, our platform is constantly evolving to meet the unique challenges our cloud-native customers face. One such example is our Carbon App, which helps customers migrating from data centres to continuously optimise their carbon footprint in the cloud.” In early 2023, Dynatrace shared plans to expand its Davis AI engine to create the industry’s first hypermodal AI solution. It is designed to increase productivity across business, development, security and operations teams by delivering generative AI-based recommendations with precise context. “Generative AI has the potential to boost productivity across all functions,” says Clayton. “As it is probabilistic by nature, its value depends on the quality of its training data and user prompts. The power of generative AI can be greatly amplified by converging it with predictive and causal INTERVIEW Azure customers can use Dynatrace solutions to develop and deliver models to work more sustainably with AI-powered analytics