Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

89 intelligence to create a single, hypermodal AI that delivers a range of capabilities.” For instance, the predictive AI models can be used to recommend future actions based on data from the past. This could include information related to sales and customer experience trends, seasonality, cloud application health, or other historical behaviours. Meanwhile, causal AI can be used to deliver fact-based answers from large sets of observability, security and business data, and generative AI can deliver recommendations for solving specific tasks in the context of the customer’s environment and situation. “Just as AI has transformed business, it has also changed the way we think about observability,” says Clayton. “Automation and AI are critical to achieving deep cloud observability and fundamental for keeping up with the changing landscape. Our innovative solutions further position us to help support organisations that are migrating to Azure to develop and deliver a sustainable readiness model that’s designed to scale with our customers’ increasing business demands.” One example showcasing how Dynatrace’s observability solutions can help organisations to maximise the value of their Microsoft cloud investment is a project it worked on with one of the largest providers of employer-sponsored childcare in the USA. Working in collaboration with Microsoft and a global systems integrator (GSI) partner, Dynatrace rapidly resolved the critical systems performance issues that were making it difficult for the business to handle the increasing volume of conversations handled by its call centre. “Together we reconfigured the customer’s application performance monitoring tool, which enabled us to identify and resolve issue hot spots,” says Clayton. “We also helped the customer to push users to its mobile platform to better distribute traffic. In less than two weeks, we built a containerised application with various functionalities in Azure to redirect heavy-weight, crisis-care registration transactions for new and large customers from the site.” In addition, Dynatrace’s observability capabilities, combined with Microsoft cloud technology, enabled it to scale the childcare provider’s legacy system by up to 12 times its baseline capacity, while also helping to significantly deflect call rates. “In addition, resolutions that previously took the customer five to six hours can now be done in just 15 minutes,” says Clayton. “The organisation is now in a better position to support some of the largest employers in the USA, rapidly grow its customer base and operate more effectively.” “ Our platform is purpose-built for cloud environments like Azure, foundationally rooted in AI and intelligent automation”