Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

120 The cloud, artificial intelligence and analytics technologies can help industrial organisations to unlock the data insights they need to boost operational efficiency, drive innovation and accelerate decarbonisation efforts HARPREET GULATI: AVEVA VIEWPOINT Why industrial data is key to sustainable growth The climate crisis dominated the media headlines in the lead up to the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), which took place on 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Technology was an overarching theme during the conference sessions as global leaders discussed ways to fast-track and shape our planet’s net-zero strategy. The mobilisation of data, in particular, holds the key to driving sustainable innovation and progress. The act of unlocking data – through its collection, processing, analysis and distribution – has the power to transform businesses into sustainable, innovative operations. According to IDC’s Global DataSphere Forecast for 2021-2025, the size of the global datasphere is growing at a compound annual rate of 23 per cent and is likely to hit 184 zettabytes by 2025. For businesses in industrial sector, analysing this data provides several benefits. Enterprises can use it to reveal deeper insights about their critical operations, which helps them increase efficiency, optimise energy usage, decrease waste, partner more closely with suppliers, and make more accurate decisions. In an increasingly competitive business environment, sustainability has become a key driver of success. Prioritising sustainability enables industrial companies to create value for their stakeholders while improving environmental performance. Industrial intelligence-as-a-service represents the core of this approach. Our fully managed cloud-native software-as-a-service solution, AVEVA Data Hub, can be integrated with the AVEVA PI System to allow organisations to transition operations data to the cloud at their own pace. This cloud-enabled technology enables remote teams to securely share realtime data and analytics together on a single digital platform. AVEVA’s portfolio of data-led software solutions, built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, is already empowering industrial businesses around the world to tackle complex challenges, such as tackling carbon emissions or alleviating supply chain inefficiencies. The two partners are working together to combine the power of AI, digital twins, big data, analytics and human insight with “Integrated data management solutions can improve collaboration, reduce energy consumption, slash emissions, and facilitate the development of innovative products”