Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

121 the cloud. By integrating data sets across individual and partners’ business operations, companies can collaborate and innovate in real time. This allows them to receive insights to support quick decisions that design and operating efficiencies and sustainability gains. One of the many businesses that has benefitted from AVEVA’s partnership with Microsoft is Enel, the world’s largest player in renewable energy. The company has more than 1,200 power plants in 21 countries and needed a holistic view of operations to help it optimise performance across its network and scale its business in response to changing market conditions. With AVEVA’s help, Enel created a real-time digital data backbone to serve as a single source of truth spanning all its assets. AI-infused analytics were layered over the data thread with the aim of eliminating data silos and predicting potential failures. Solutions used here include the cloud-based AVEVA Data Hub, AVEVA Edge Data Store, AVEVA PI System and AVEVA Predictive Analytics. The renewable energy leader now benefits from faster, more efficient and accurate decision-making. Another key performance gain included over 220 real events being detected early, preventing asset failures. Overall, Enel has optimised performance and boosted sustainability across 20 gigawatts and 1,275 power generation assets. In another example, City of Salem in Oregon, USA, uses data analytics to protect its drinking water from harmful algal blooms on Detroit Lake, which supplies the city with its drinking water. Recognising Detroit Lake as a valuable information repository, the city deployed sensors from a pontoon into the lake’s centre to gauge various factors, including algal activity, toxin and allergy levels, and weather data. This diverse data set is then transmitted to a high-capacity operations data system. Subsequently, ecologists and statisticians leverage this information to construct AI models. These models proactively alert city authorities to potential algal blooms based on the analysed data. With this information, officials can prepare appropriate responses ahead of time to ensure public safety. The entire operation takes place in real time, saving expensive hours of labour while maintaining water quality at all times. These business gains are typical of the way cloud-based digital collaboration can drive significant sustainability outcomes. Integrated data management solutions can improve collaboration, reduce energy consumption, slash emissions, enhance circularity and facilitate the development of innovative products and services. Global enterprises are generating more information about their operations than ever before. When leveraged correctly, businesses can realise sustainability gains from this organisational data while unlocking innovation and driving growth across the industrial ecosystem. Read more about the expanded partnership between AVEVA and Microsoft at: Harpreet Gulati is senior vice president and head of PI System business at AVEVA INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING City of Salem in Oregon, USA, uses data analytics solutions from AVEVA to monitor the growth of harmful algae on Detroit Lake, to ensure it can supply citizens with high-quality, clean drinking water Photo: iStock/bo1982