Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

130 VIEWPOINT Leveraging its extensive experience in digital rights management and cloudbased architectures, EZDRM is using innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced by its video industry clients OLGA KORNIENKO: EZDRM Optimising cloud and edge resources The video industry has, over the last several years, been transformed by the availability and flexibility of cloud-based applications and resources. It seemed unthinkable 20 years ago to consider any video processing application that did not rely on rooms full of dedicated hardware, specialist high-bandwidth connections links, and an army of engineers to configure and service the equipment. Those days are clearly behind us now and, in most applications, we take for granted the vast resources available at the other end of a broadband connection. But there are still some application deployments where such a simple view of video architecture is not yet necessarily the optimal solution. For a company like EZDRM, the idea of leveraging centrally managed, shared software security resources was both an early call to action and an easy technical decision to take. At the time, digital rights management (DRM) for video services represented an esoteric technical challenge where proprietary technology and secrecy were the name of the game. On the one hand, the application of DRM to video streams – especially packaging and encryption – requires standardisation. On the other hand, the management of encryption keys, consumption rules and business logic implementation must remain distinct and secure. It must also be able to be continuously updated to match the challenges of an evolving attack surface from commercial piracy and individual content sharing. The solution for EZDRM was the invention of digital rights management as a service (DRMaaS). Such a software-as-a-service approach right from the beginning was novel from both the technology standpoint and business perspective. Offering DRM key management through a simple remote application programming interface solved neatly the separation of the standardised, highbandwidth video processing workflow from the secure control plane application of license creation and delivery. The cloud’s scalability, accessibility and centralised management are also highlighted in this solution, allowing developers to implement updates, security measures and improvements seamlessly across an entire streaming delivery ecosystem. The EZDRM team is justifiably proud of its ability to solve real-world content security problems for our clients. Although we believe firmly in our cloud-centric DRMaaS architecture, there are a number of customer configurations that require creative solutions due to real-word constraints. In such instances, we must be innovative as a company. Edge compute resources can help handle less-than-stable connectivity, “The EZDRM team is justifiably proud of its ability to solve real-world content security problems for our clients”