Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

14 CONTENTS FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING 106 Sight Machine’s Jason Nienaber explains how operational digital twins can help to identify and solve issues that arise during the production process 108 Sai Buddhavarapu explains how Blue Yonder generative AI solutions are helping manufacturers cope with supply chain pressures 110 Innovations in technology such as AI are allowing manufacturers to better prepare for supply chain disruptions, says Blue Yonder’s Puneet Saxena 112 A strong network of suppliers, vendors, customer and value chain partners will help industrial firms to drive innovation and reach their sustainability goals, according to AVEVA’s Bry Dillon 114 Decarbonisation and electrification in three key areas is key to addressing the climate crisis, says Olivier Blum of Schneider Electric 116 Nick Bierbrodt from RSM US explains why companies must break down the IoT implementation process into small steps 119 Avanade’s Jen Johnson explains why manufacturing firms are migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and why change management is essential to the success of these projects 120 AVEVA’s Harpreet Gulati reveals how the cloud, AI and analytics technologies can help industrial organisations to unlock the data insights they need to meet their goals 98 Unlocking new levels of performance Microsoft’s Simon Floyd explains how the combined power of digital twins and AI is helping manufacturers to yield multiple benefits, from reducing waste to improving safety 90 Your call is important to us Microsoft’s Chris Caile explains how financial services organisations can develop approaches to better engage and empower their call centre agents to work effectively 96 Polish payments company Blik has implemented a risk assessment solution with help from credit solutions provider ITSCREDIT 97 F inancial services organisations can use AI-enabled tools like Infosys Wingspan to reimagine the way their workforce operates, says Rasanth Korancharath