Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

15 RETAIL & CG 144 Reinventing the world of retail Microsoft’s Shanthi Rajagopalan shares how generative AI is driving innovation in the retail industry and improving supply chain operations, customer experience and predictive analysis 148 Andrew Reeck and Chris Segurado share how Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows business-to-business retailers to streamline operations 150 Kyndryl’s Ryan Treacy and Microsoft’s Noel Pennington discuss the role technology plays in improving employee experience 152 Retailers need to pay close attention to their tax obligations to remain successful, according to Avalara’s George Trantasi PUBLIC SECTOR 138 A Canadian university is strengthening its security culture by implementing Fortra’s Terranova Security’s training courses 141 K yndryl’s Trent Sanders shares how generative AI and Microsoft solutions are key to helping some of the economic issues faced by health organisations 142 Microsoft technologies are helping public sector organisations to optimise operations, workforce collaboration and security, says Vinoth Subramanian Haldorai of Infosys 132 A united front Microsoft’s Kirk Arthur explains why technologies like AI and public-private sector collaboration are key for government organisations to win the cyber war MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS 122 Finding the edge The cloud is transforming the media industry with new solutions and capabilities, but not every organisation is comfortable with fully embracing the technology. Edge technology may offer an answer, says Microsoft’s Scott Davis 126 With the metaverse changing the way we consume media, Ateme’s Williams Tovar says that 5G is the key to ensuring it is a seamless experience for all 128 Pam Taggart discusses the convergence of audiovisual and IT and explains how AVIXA’s new training course will equip administrators to address the challenges it causes 130 EZDRM is using innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced by its video industry clients, according to Olga Kornienko