Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

31 Bentley Systems demonstrated intelligent urban digital twin solutions that empower people to design, build and operate better and more resilient infrastructure. Cities, campuses and their supply chains have to go digital to embrace innovation and answer global challenges like climate change, resource limitations, and the talent gap. Our products and solutions, powered by iTwin, help users to do more with less and move closer to green cities and campuses.” Bentley Systems Richard Vestner Vice President of Industry Solutions, Product Advancement Unit Bravent is at the forefront of leveraging AI, digital twins and immersive reality technologies to revolutionise smart cities. Our expertise lies in harnessing these technologies to create more efficient and sustainable cities that enhance the lives of their inhabitants. One of our main customers is Ferrovial, a global leader in infrastructure and services. We created AIVIA, a platform that uses Microsoft technology to develop an infrastructure that ensures that conventional and autonomous vehicles can coexist in harmony.” Bravent Mario López Business Development and Innovation Director Government buildings are foundational to how the public interacts with municipalities, and they are the primary contributor to spend reduction and decarbonisation plans. While advancements in building automation and internet of things devices have brought the promise of smarter buildings, governments face the common challenge of making all this technology work together in a meaningful way to meet their sustainability outcomes. CBRE’s Smart FM Solutions help these organisations to increase efficiency and operational reliability while reducing carbon emissions and lowering costs.” CBRE Pratish Mahtan Vice President of Digital and Technology