Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

32 MARKETWATCH: EVENT REPORT Esri is the global leader in geographic information system software. At SCEWC, we showcased the amazing real work of our customers who are using ArcGIS to transform the way we model, manage, simulate and plan our cities and regions. Our discussions with business and government leaders focused on the fundamental strategies for location intelligence to help support understanding and address important challenges such as climate change, housing needs, future mobility, social equity, and civic engagement.” Esri Brooks Patrick Business Development Manager for Smart Cities We demonstrated our justice and public safety portfolio which centralises the management of city-wide security technology via a single unified platform. Operators can manage all their security cameras, automatic license plate recognition and other sensors in one application, with customised dashboards and access rights for individual employees, teams or external stakeholders. They can leverage the cloud to facilitate video and evidence sharing for public and private partnerships, driving efficiencies associated with the secure, audited, collection and sharing of evidence.” Genetec Rafael Martin Sales Director for Southern Euro Imec is a trusted research partner for companies and governments on nanoelectronics, AI and data. At SCEWC, the AI and data department showcased several innovative research projects taking place within the domains of urban mobility, logistics and sustainable environments. Imec is cooperating with its partners on ground-breaking AI research enabling a meaningful impact on people, industry and society, for example by working on novel data publication technologies like linked data event streams and sovereign data control.” Imec Stefan Lefever Program Director We demonstrated OpenBlue, our complete ecosystem for optimising the performance of buildings in real time to make them smart, healthy and sustainable. We also showcased OpenBlue Enterprise Manager, a suite of software solutions that gathers and analyses building data to assess environmental health and systems efficiency. One takeaway of SCEWC was that technology is key for combatting the climate crisis and it was incredibly motivating to be in the same room with thousands of other experts sharing solutions to address this global challenge.” Johnson Controls Kieran Sexton Director of Technical Solution Architects At SCEWC, we highlighted how LinkedIn Talent Insights empowers governments by offering data-driven insights into labour markets, aiding in strategic workforce planning, talent attraction and retention, economic development and policy formulation. The tool enables organisations to make informed decisions on education, immigration and economic development, fostering public-private collaboration. By tracking real-time labour market trends, governments stay agile, ensuring policies align with industry needs and facilitating a skilled, competitive workforce.” LinkedIn Seamus Clancy Public Sector Lead for EMEA and LATAM CrowdScan demonstrated how its battery-powered sensors can help smart cities to monitor crowds accurately and anonymously in public spaces. We mounted our sensors at venue entrance and on both the Microsoft and Flanders Investment and Trade booths to track traffic flow, peak visitor hours, crowd density, and more. We presented the data in both graphs and 3D models, allowing us to identify trends in real time and showcase how smart cities could link our solution with other data sources to improve public safety, sustainability and more.” CrowdScan Ben Bellekens Chief Technology Officer