Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

33 We support customers in every step of their unique digital and sustainability transformation. Our professional services unit’s capabilities include advisory, solution design and implementation as well as custom software development. We turn the ideas of the new urban agenda into transformative actions by defining data and investment strategies, digital platforms, and living labs for smart districts to boost local economy and drive sustainability. Additionally, we implement digital solutions (for example on Microsoft Azure) by building digital twins, AI applications for environmental improvements, crowd management and pathway to net zero, turning municipalities into data-driven companies building their own digital core.” Siemens Advanta Björn Burbach Vice President of Digital Transformation for EMEA Infrastructure and Districts We presented our digital twin solutions for cities, which support decisionmaking in an evidence-based way. By using predictive modelling, optimisation algorithms and simulations, we create ‘what if’ scenarios and measure the impact of potential solutions before implementing them in the real city. For example, we can use the digital twin to understand how climate change will impact different parts of the city and implement solutions based on that. These tools are especially helpful for policymakers or urban planners.” TECNALIA Patricia Molina Director of City, Territory and Environment Sparrow Analytics unveiled a groundbreaking solution for helping public and private sector organisations to access hyperlocal environmental data on city streets. This comprehensive tool is indispensable for navigating the complexities of the modern urban landscape, empowering stakeholders to steer the course of the ‘new urban era’ by making informed decisions based on intricate street-level environmental insights. Sparrow is a pivotal player, bridging the gap between data and urban transformation, paving the way for a sustainable and responsive urban future.” Sparrow Analytics Max Interbrick Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder