Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

71 intertwined with both aspects of our daily routines, according to Microsoft. With employee’s home networks and devices now a part of corporate networks, organisations are working without firm borders and are more vulnerable to threats. “Security and safety are the defining challenges of our times and protecting organisations from cybercrime has only become more challenging,” says Thomson. “A paradigm shift is required in the security industry’s approach to this. At Microsoft, this imperative guides our mission in security every day and it has shaped our research and development effort to empower security teams.” Key to this effort is harnessing the power of generative AI, which, together with Microsoft’s end-to-end security solutions, empowers security teams to deliver security for all. Generative AI is transformative for security and can be used to combat bad actors. Microsoft Security Copilot can effectively upskill a security team regardless of its expertise, saving them time by enabling them to find what previously they might have missed, and allowing them to focus on the most impactful projects. “Several partners are working with us to help shape Security Copilot product development by participating in our engineer-led Microsoft Security Copilot Design Advisory Council and Partner Private Preview,” says Thomson. “They are validating usage scenarios and providing feedback on functionality, operations, and application programming interfaces to assist with extensibility.” Looking ahead, effective cooperation will be essential for the mitigation of security threats. “It’s imperative that we continue to build with our strategic security partners to continue collaborating together to protect our end customers,” says Thomson. IN FOCUS: MISA Photo: CWSI MISA partners CWSI and Cognni are working together to combat compliancerelated security threats