Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

72 “Ongoing digital transformation, including cloud and hybrid work adoption, has dissolved the classic network and organisational boundaries. Identity has become the new perimeter. Duo Security’s strong partnership with Microsoft focuses on providing easy-to-deploy, identity-first security. This is a core concept of a zero-trust architecture. As a MISA member, Duo Security works directly with Microsoft product and engineering teams to help build the next iteration of identity and access management solutions. We value both our partnership with Microsoft and our MISA membership, which ensure we are all focused on providing the best security for organisations of all sizes.” Adnan Agboatwalla Director of Product Management Duo Security FEATURE “CWSI was nominated by Microsoft to join MISA back in 2021, in recognition of our security skills across the Microsoft cloud platforms. MISA is a vibrant community of like-minded organisations who share a common goal in maximising the potential of Microsoft’s security portfolio. There has been lots of opportunity to partner with fellow members to build differentiated product offerings, such as our work with Cognni to combat information security connected to compliance. Partnering gives us access to complimentary solutions and allows us to get to market more quickly. MISA is an excellent vehicle that allows us to understand Microsoft more deeply, including how the market is responding to support our customers in leveraging Microsoft technologies.” Mia LaVada Product Manager Center for Internet Security Des Ryan Group Chief Operating Officer CWSI “CIS joined MISA in 2023 and helps users build and operate secure virtual machine images. Firstly, we take a base image from Microsoft Azure Marketplace and harden it to the CIS Benchmarks, which are vendoragnostic secure configuration guidelines we create with our communities. We then publish the CIS Hardened Image to the Azure Marketplace and maintain it monthly. Secondly, we distribute the guidance embedded in our CIS Benchmarks, in addition to CIS Membership, via partnerships. As a CIS partner, Microsoft integrates CIS Benchmarks into its tools, such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud. This helps customers to assess their system configurations.” We asked several MISA members how their work with the association allows them to better protect customers from security risks Member perspectives Photo: Unsplash/Microsoft 365 Photo: Duo Security