Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

73 “Through MISA, we develop better insights and improve our understanding of how we can jointly partner with Microsoft to better protect organisations with rapid cybersecurity innovation. Microsoft excels at providing some of the world’s leading business solutions ranging from productivity to communication to cloud services, and Fortra excels at bringing a suite of advanced security controls and intelligence together to better protect those technology assets in face of increasingly complex cyberthreats elsewhere. Our integration of Fortra’s Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention with Microsoft Information Protection is one example showing how MISA has enabled two leading solutions to work together for the benefit of our customers, in this case to enhance data protection.” “Being a part of MISA enables us to leverage Microsoft’s security tools and services, helping us to stay at the forefront of identity security. This gives us the ability to react to actionable intelligence in real time and use this to help organisations ensure they can trust their users’ identities from day zero and onwards. Working seamlessly with Microsoft Entra ID, the HYPR platform combines passkey-based authentication with continuous risk monitoring and automated identity verification to provide the highest level of identity assurance for our joint customers.” John Grancarich Chief Strategy Officer Fortra Sean Dyon Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Architecture HYPR IN FOCUS: MISA “NCC Group’s partnership with MISA enables us access to Microsoft cloud-based security technologies and expertise. This helps NCC Group to develop robust solutions that are tightly integrated with Microsoft’s security offerings; together we provide comprehensive protection against the latest cyberthreats. Our customers benefit from an additional layer of safety and assurance as we use a combination of human expertise and advanced technological solutions – providing a peoplepowered, technology-enabled approach to cybersecurity.” Kevin Brown Chief Operating Officer NCC Group Photo: Unsplash/Microsoft 365 Photo: Unsplash/Anaya Katlego