Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

95 FINANCIAL SERVICES “ITSCREDIT provides an omnichannel platform that prioritises the digitisation of credit processes, offering flexibility, rapid time-to-market and complete control of the entire credit lifecycle. Our entire development is based on Microsoft technology, and we believe that leveraging modernised services such as the cloud, Azure AI and machine learning, security, and compliance tools, are crucial for financial institutions. These services ensure the sophistication of financial processes while maintaining robust data protection and regulatory compliance. Utilising these tools is the key to continuous innovation and guiding our customer staff towards more efficient and productive processes.” “Modern businesses are refocusing their attention to meet employee needs by integrating automation technology. Financial services organisations are providing a comprehensive, automated accounts payable solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, such as MetaViewer, to empower their workforce, leading to significant gains in productivity. A shift away from paper document management and manual entry to automated and cloud-based document handling increases efficiency, decreases environmental impact and greatly reduces costly errors. Cloudbased document management also allows for distributed and remote work, enabling employees to focus on new skills and innovation that, in turn, leads to workplace satisfaction, benefiting not only workers but also the entire enterprise.” Paulo Pinto Chief Technology Officer ITSCREDIT Andy Birkey Marketing Communications Specialist Metafile Information Systems Photo: iStock/gilaxia Photo: iStock/FG Trade