Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

123 MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS We asked Microsoft partners how they’re using the latest Microsoft technology to help media organisations deliver new and imaginative content Partner perspectives “Accenture utilises a combination of Microsoft Modern Work, AI and Azure platforms to accelerate transformational initiatives across our internal business units and clients in the media industry. By building upon the Azure ecosystem, we have helped our clients with their media workloads across the full spectrum of production and enterprise functions. Focus areas have included next generation media workflows, AIenabled asset management and more. Also, the Accenture Audience Engagement Engine, launching in 2024, will allow us to gamify and personalise a diverse array of static and dynamic assets though the entire enterprise value chain for our clients.” “The media and entertainment industry is a dynamic playground, where the battle for attention and viewer engagement reaches unprecedented levels. Amidst this gold rush, broadcasters and streaming providers stand as fierce rivals. To thrive, they must revolutionise their relationship with customers. This is where the partnership between Ateme and Microsoft shines. By amalgamating Ateme’s cutting-edge video software delivery atop Azure's highly available infrastructure, media and entertainment customers can unleash innovative services. The cherry on top? Infusing AI for personalised experiences, culminating in transformative video services that captivate viewers and fans with tailor-made engagements. Together, they redefine the industry landscape, fostering deeper connections and lasting impressions.” Matthew Edgerton North American Communications and Media Lead, CloudFirst Microsoft Practice, Accenture Remi Beaudouin Chief Strategy Officer, Ateme