Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

125 MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS INTERVIEW Jabra provides a range of audio and video devices that support its customers through hybrid and remote work. With the launch of the new Jabra+ for Admins cloud-based management platform, which allows admins to see all the devices across their network, customers have even more control and functionality. According to James Spencer, video solutions director at Jabra, there are several key elements to the platform: “Firstly, it acts as an auditing tool, and can display information on each of your devices, such as warranty numbers or dates and when they were last plugged in. The platform also allows admins to send updates to those devices remotely. This means that when we release new features, an organisation’s entire device ecosystem can be updated en masse.” Such updates are a key priority for Jabra, to help ensure that customers get a positive return on their investments. Two recent updates are focused on meeting intelligence. First is the addition of Intelligent Meeting Space on the PanaCast 50 video bar, which allows users to demarcate an area within a room. “This can be used in glass meeting rooms, for example, where the zoom feature on the camera may pick up people outside of the room that are walking past,” says Spencer. “This will help those joining the meeting remotely remain focused on what’s most important.” The second update is Jabra’s certification for Microsoft’s Intelligent Speaker functionality for Microsoft Teams Rooms for the Jabra PanaCast 50 and PanaCast 50 Room System. “This works by recording a snippet of your voice so that if you are in a meeting with multiple people around one device, it can differentiate between speakers,” explains Spencer. “This also makes it easier to transcribe meetings afterwards as everyone will be matched to a name rather than a generic ‘meeting room one’.” Both features are intended to enhance the Microsoft Teams user experience, and Spencer says that the partnership between Jabra and Microsoft is very strong. “We work closely with Microsoft when releasing new products or features to ensure that they get the necessary Microsoft certifications and work seamlessly with Teams,” he says. “For instance, the dynamic composition feature we have on the PanaCast 50 is a result of that collaboration and feedback received from Microsoft and customers. It’s a partnership that we will continue to build on as we move forward.” James Spencer discusses Jabra’s new products and video portfolio updates and how they are supporting a collaborative, modern workplace Meet, innovate, repeat BY AMBER HICKMAN “We work closely with Microsoft when releasing new products or features to ensure that they get the necessary Microsoft certifications”