Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

153 Secude Pete Forno, Vice President of Sales Tel: +1 703 789 5899 Secude is a global leader in zero-trust, data centric security solutions that extend Microsoft Purview Information Protection to SAP, computer-aided design and product lifecycle management systems. Secude is a leading member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, a community of top cybersecurity companies that create solutions that extend Microsoft security products. Secured2 Daren Klum, CEO Tel: +1 612 756 7088 Secured2 offers a guaranteed data security solution with its quantum-secure and artificial intelligence-safe technology. Secured2 moves beyond end-of-life, maths-based encryption and employs a unique physical data protection approach. It stands out in the industry as the first to provide provable security, backed by cyber indemnification from Lloyd’s of London. This innovative technology ensures multiple barriers of security while keeping data accessible, suitable for a wide range of industries. Secured2 exceeds today’s global standards, and its technology is in the process of rapidly becoming the new security standard for the USA and its allies. Siemens John Butler, Global Alliance Leader, Microsoft Tel: +1 575 386 8891 Siemens is a leading technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport and healthcare. From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains and smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as well as advanced healthcare, the company creates technology with purpose adding real value for customers. By combining the real and the digital worlds, Siemens empowers its customers to transform their industries and markets, helping them to convert the everyday for billions of people by prioritising employee empowerment and customer impact. Orange Cyberdefense Anna Barkvall, Director of Strategic Programs Tel: +46721571463 Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group, providing managed security and managed threat detection and response services to organisations around the globe. As one of Europe’s go-to security providers, we strive to build a safer digital society. We are a threat research and intelligence-driven security provider offering unparalleled access to current and emerging threats. We are proud to say we can offer global protection with local expertise and support our customers throughout the entire threat lifecycle. Preservica Preservica is transforming the way organisations around the world protect and future-proof critical long-term digital information. Its awardwinning Active Digital Preservation archiving software is available in the cloud or on-premises and has been designed from the ground up to tackle the unique challenges of ensuring digital information remains accessible and trustworthy over decades. It’s a proven solution that’s trusted by thousands of businesses, archives, libraries, museums and government organisations around the world, including the UK National Archives, Texas State Library and Archives, the Museum of Modern Art, Yale and HSBC. Preservica has also collaborated with Microsoft to launch Preserve365 to simplify compliance by making the archiving, long-term digital preservation and retrieval of high-value, long-term and permanent records part of the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint experience. Rockwell Automation David Doll, Global Alliance Manager Tel: +1 414 382 2000 Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation. Rockwell and Microsoft partner to jointly build and deliver solutions that enable our manufacturing customers to create intelligent factories. By leveraging our partnership, customers can better define IT and operational technology (OT) convergence, accelerate digital and artificial intelligence transformations, and unlock the power of data for the industrial ecosystem. With Rockwell Automation’s expertise in OT and Microsoft’s expertise in IT, manufacturers get solutions that make them more resilient, agile and sustainable. Rockwell’s combination of consulting, solutions and delivery expands the potential of solutions delivered on Microsoft platforms.