Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

154 Teleport Diana Jovin, Vice President of Marketing Tel: +1 855 818 9008 Teleport modernises infrastructure access, improving efficiency of engineering teams, fortifying infrastructure against bad actors or error, and simplifying compliance and audit reporting. The Teleport Access Platform delivers on-demand, least-privileged access to infrastructure on a foundation of cryptographic identity and zero trust, with built-in identity security and policy governance. Our identityfirst architecture delivers a unified access experience for engineers, eliminates credentials and standing privileges, and secures remote access to applications and workloads. Teleport further unifies observability and policy across all infrastructure. Tiger Health Technology Rosen Dimitrov, MD, Healthcare Advisor Tel: +359 887 248 677 Tiger Health Technology is a company of Tiger Technology, an experienced technology provider with 20 years of expertise in addressing mission-critical storage challenges across various industries. Tiger Health Technology’s core specialisation is healthcare data lifecycle management and the primary focus is digital pathology. Leveraging the profound expertise and track record of Tiger Technology, the company is well-positioned to provide proven solutions that align with the evolving strategic trends in healthcare. A testament to this capability is Health Bridge, the company’s software platform for lifecycle management of unstructured medical data to support cloud and artificial intelligence adoption. It ensures medical data is properly stored, intelligently tiered and available wherever needed. Tiger Technology Alexander Lefterov, CEO Tiger Technology offers non-disruptive and cost-effective hybrid cloud file data services for mission-critical deployments. With over 19 years of expertise in developing high performance storage solutions, including cross-platform network attached storage and secure attached network file system sharing, storage, user, project and media management, Tiger Technology is committed to ensuring data integrity and supporting its customers in an ever-evolving IT landscape. In recent years, the company’s softwareonly solutions have been focused on helping customers maintain an infrastructure approach that prioritises the continuity of existing on-premises workflows, while also allowing enhancement though cloud services. This contributes to significant resource optimisation, as well as the preservation of compliance and security. Sight Machine Jeff Smith, Vice President, Sales Americas Tel: +1 888 461 5739 Sight Machine helps Fortune Global 500 Manufacturers unlock the power of industrial data to increase profitability, productivity and sustainability. Through its data-first approach, Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform creates a common data foundation by capturing and contextualising data from the entire factory to deliver a system-wide view of the manufacturing process. Data becomes democratised, empowering all stakeholders to drive productivity improvements across the enterprise. With system-wide visibility and artificial intelligence-powered insights, manufacturers can now scale efficiency, quality and sustainability solutions across entire production processes and multi-factory sites, and even extend the impact to their broader supply and value chains. Skkynet Xavier Mesrobian, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Tel: +1 905 702 7851 Skkynet is a global leader in real-time software products that allow companies to securely acquire, monitor, control, visualise, network and consolidate live process data in plant or over insecure networks. For manufacturing plants, Skkynet offers the Cogent DataHub, an industrial software solution that connects to virtually any system using standard protocols and creates a unified namespace for all systems to connect and share information. For internet of things, Skkynet offers the Cogent DataHub service in Azure. It allows users to securely network industrial data to other locations, consolidate information from remote plants and devices, share data for predictive maintenance, or use a real-time human-machine interface to view data from around the globe. Synergy Technical John Opgenorth, Senior Sales Associate Tel: +1 804 478 0705 Synergy Technical is a Microsoft Gold Partner with project experience in all 50 US states and in over 70 countries. The firm offers expertise in every aspect of cloud and IT strategy including providing licencing, managed services, technology assessments, cloud migrations and more. Recognised as an expert in Microsoft technologies, Synergy Technical was named the Microsoft 20/20 M365 Security Partner of the Year in 2023. As a FastTrack Ready Partner, certified Cloud Solutions Provider, member of the EMS Elite Partner Program and Microsoft Modern Desktop Partner Advisory Council member, Synergy Technical is well positioned to provide technology implementation services.