Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

23 Top trends for 2024 A consortium of healthcare leaders has created the Trustworthy & Responsible AI Network, which aims to operationalise responsible artificial intelligence principles to improve the quality, safety and trustworthiness of AI in health. Members of the network – including Microsoft as technology enabling partner – will share best practices, enable registration of AI used for clinical care and operations, provide tools to enable measurement of outcomes associated with the implementation of AI, and facilitate the development of a federated national AI outcomes registry. “When it comes to AI’s tremendous capabilities, there is no doubt the technology has the potential to transform healthcare” said David Rhew, global chief medical officer and vice president of healthcare at Microsoft. “However, the processes for implementing the technology responsibly are just as vital.” New healthcare network aims for safe and fair AI Research firm Gartner has released a new report identifying top trends that will impact technology providers in 2024. Efficient growth for high tech Tech providers will need to focus on efficient growth rather than ‘growth at all costs’ to strengthen current margins and future revenue opportunities. Sustainable business grows up Organisations must embrace double materiality and leverage emerging technologies to meet sustainability objectives. AI safety Building solutions which pre-empt regulatory and compliance changes and incorporate safety principles, with a focus on transparency, traceability, and interpretability, will be critical to staying competitive. Personalised marketplace experiences Analysts predict 80 per cent of sale interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025, meaning organisations will need to offer their services on digital marketplaces to target customers. Industry cloud delivers growth By 2027, 50 per cent of tech providers will use industry cloud platforms to deliver business outcomes that will drive provider growth. Gartner says the implications of these and other trends identified in the report will require organisations to strike a balance between short-term opportunity and longterm advantage. Download Gartner’s 2024 Tech Provider Top Trends report at: New principles for Microsoft AI solutions Microsoft has released a new set of principles to keep users safe and informed about artificial intelligence adoption and cybersecurity threats in its latest Cyber Signals report. Microsoft has put in place a number of principles to protect users adopting its AI solutions, including notifying other AI service providers when it identifies a cybercriminal using their AI solutions, collaborating with stakeholders, and being fully transparent with its findings and actions. Read the full Cyber Signals report at: