Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

VIEWPOINT How Copilot is changing the way we work Microsoft’s AI-powered tool is boosting productivity, creativity and collaboration The integration of Microsoft 365 Copilot into our workplace at Synergy Technical has not been just a technological advancement; it’s been a catalyst for positive transformation, enhancing productivity, creativity and collaboration in unprecedented ways. By leveraging the power of generative artificial intelligence, Microsoft 365 Copilot is reshaping how we work, turning routine tasks into opportunities for innovation and strategic thinking. One of the most useful features of Copilot is its ability to provide comprehensive recaps of meetings. This is particularly beneficial for those with conflicting schedules or different time zones, ensuring that no one misses out on critical information. Imagine catching up on a missed meeting with a concise, AI-generated summary highlighting key points, decisions and action items. This capability saves our team time and ensures everyone is aligned, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative work environment. Copilot’s ability to sift through my inbox and highlight important emails is a game-changer for managing daily tasks. It intelligently identifies priority messages and tasks, enabling me to focus on what truly matters. This personalised daily briefing helps streamline my workflow, reduce information overload and improve my time management, ensuring I can dedicate my energy to high-impact activities. The versatility of Copilot extends beyond individual productivity to enhance collaborative efforts. Our consultants are harnessing its capabilities to transform meeting recaps into polished presentations, seamlessly turning discussions with our customers into actionable insights. This saves our team time and enhances the quality of our deliverables, dramatically reducing our time to complete projects. Copilot is revolutionising our onboarding process for new employees. For example, by generating tailored training plans with Copilot, we can provide a personalised learning experience that accelerates the integration of new hires into our team. This ensures newcomers have the necessary knowledge and skills from the get-go, fostering a smoother transition and a positive onboarding experience. Copilot’s ability to automate routine tasks, provide actionable insights and support creative endeavours is changing how we work and elevating our work to new heights. At Synergy Technical, we are excited to share our learnings with our customers, helping them secure, transform and empower their organisations with Copilot. Rohana Meade is president and CEO at Synergy Technical ROHANA MEADE: SYNERGY TECHNICAL “The versatility of Copilot extends beyond individual productivity to enhance collaborative efforts” 81