Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

83 seamless hybrid environment where surveillance data is protected, compliant and accessible. “Sharing resources, knowledge, technological prowess and funding can open up new opportunities for businesses, increase agility, help identify roadblocks to innovation and spark novel approaches to industry challenges.” Choosing the right partner Partnerships have more chance of success if there is a mutual commitment to customer value. Tashkova stresses the importance of aligning in terms of technology design and solution ethos. For instance, Tiger Surveillance values collaboration and open-platform mindsets in partners, as well as simplicity and innovation in technology delivery. “Ultimately, vendors should strive to enable the best outcome for their customers and ensure this evolves over time as needs change,” she says. “Designing solutions in the ecosystem is a great way to achieve this. “We appreciate partners who have an open-platform mindset and welcome partner initiatives. We also focus on partnerships where simplicity of technology delivery as well as innovation are shared values engrained in company culture. Whichever the case, discovering where an alignment in approach lies is a major factor.” Tashkova recommends establishing clear shared goals, fostering trust and rapport, and continuously seeking feedback. “Successful partnerships often proactively keep up to date with each other’s strategic visions and continuously evaluate and improve their joint solutions,” she says. Finally, to measure partnership success, Tashkova points to customer satisfaction as the primary indicator, alongside adoption rates and year-over-year growth. Additionally, partner satisfaction and engagement across all company levels and individual interactions are crucial metrics to consider. “A partnership cannot be effective if steps are not taken to increase partner satisfaction across the board at the company level as well as at the human-to-human level,” says Tashkova. Photo: iStock/FlashMovie