Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

88 as Microsoft Dynamics 365. The fund also supported Novata, which has helped US-based private equity firm Trivest to build an ESG programme that collects ESG metrics, and Hamilton Lane and Piper to streamline their ESG data collection for annual investor reports. Additionally, as members of the Green Software Foundation, Microsoft worked with UBS and nonprofit WattTime to develop a Carbon Aware Software Development Kit (SDK). “This public toolset assists in building carbon-aware software and reduces software carbon intensity (SCI) by shifting applications to less energy-consuming time windows or locations,” says Hauser. The Carbon Aware SDK works by measuring SCI across applications, devices and networks. UBS used the product to provide carbonaware functionality for its Advanced Compute Quantum Analytics (ACQA) risk platform. The focus was on time-shifting workloads during a 24-hour window with the goal of processing them at times of lower carbon intensity in the grid. Microsoft’s research demonstrated that the Carbon Aware SDK adoption has the potential to decrease the SCI by 15 per cent, a substantial contribution towards an organisation’s ESG target. Azure carbon optimisation, including breakdowns by different pivots like business divisions or locations, will allow organisations to align their cloud strategy with their sustainability goals and demonstrate leadership in reducing emissions. Delivering responsible solutions There is evidence that customers are leaning towards sustainable finance offerings. Over two thirds (67 per cent) of consumers want their bank or financial institution to become more sustainable, according to cloud banking platform Mambu’s Disruption Diaries: Green Banking report. Mambu surveyed over 6,000 consumers on their attitudes to sustainable finance and found that nearly half (48 per cent) want more access to green financial services. “Consumers are increasingly demanding financial institutions to take a more proactive role in promoting sustainability and providing ESG solutions and investments according to their needs and purpose, especially for younger clients that are committed to sustainable practices, ethical behaviour and social responsibility,” says Hauser. “ESG creates opportunities for innovative solutions that attract and retain the consumer segment valuing these principles. The more competitive organisations will be those that deliver innovative ESG-focused services for their customers. For example, Microsoft’s customer Flowe is creating new business lines and attracting new clients to help consumers UBS used the Carbon Aware SDK to provide carbon-aware functionality for its ACQA risk platform, and shift workloads to times of lower carbon intensity on the grid Photo: iStock/Rafael_Wiedenmeier FEATURE