Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

89 FINANCIAL SERVICES advance sustainability in their lives. It empowers customers by integrating education and transparency around ESG and personal health directly into its banking experience. Customers can automatically offset their carbon impact every month by planting trees in Guatemala via Microsoft’s AI platform that gives gentle nudges to customers to create more meaningful banking experiences. Plus, it's monitoring its own emissions with Microsoft sustainability dashboards.” Similarly, Microsoft joined forces with Dutch financial services provider Rabobank to create an online, carbon removal unit marketplace that connects large corporations with smallholder farmers who can sequester carbon through agroforestry. The ability to sell carbon is made possible with an Azure Cloudbased platform developed by Rabobank. “One of the missions of the Rabobank-Microsoft partnership is to create a global and scalable AI- and machine learning-based platform that empowers farmers while also addressing the urgency of climate change,” adds Hauser. By leveraging innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, Microsoft is paving the way for financial institutions not only to meet but even exceed their ESG objectives, create innovative sustainable solutions for their customers and encourage a future where sustainable finance is integral to global economic growth. “No matter where an organisation is on its ESG journey, Microsoft and its partners can help to minimise their carbon footprint and enhance their ESG impact,” says Hauser. “The financial services industry, with its relatively small direct environment impacts, might seem distant from the ‘front lines’ of climate solutions, but it plays a critical role in helping the world transition to a better future. Flowe, an Italian banking-as-a-service company, is helping its clients to promote regenerative business through its payment solutions that support tree planting projects in Guatemala Photo: ZeroCo2 Streamline sustainability with the cloud How Infosys solutions leverage Microsoft technology to achieve ESG goals “Infosys’s expertise in the sustainability domain and technology capabilities can assist financial institutions in achieving their environmental goals without compromising on performance. Infosys integrates technology into ESG practices via Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, enhancing data input, analytics, collaboration, digitisation and incorporating AI to streamline what was once a manual and cumbersome process in many organisations. Leveraging Microsoft’s Power Platform, Power BI and Power Automate, Infosys has built EcoWatch, an ESG data capture and visualisation tool, and GreenFin, an ESG due diligence tool focusing on sustainable investment and lending, that enable financial institutions to translate their goals into reality.” PRAGUN KATYAL: INFOSYS Photo composite: Unsplash/Surface and Infosys