Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

100 FEATURE We asked selected Microsoft partners how Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based tools is helping manufacturers to enrich the employee experience, drive productivity and meet customer expectations Partner perspectives “Manufacturers can utilise Microsoft’s suite of cloudbased tools to enhance employee experiences, boost productivity and meet customer expectations. Leveraging Ansys Access on Azure enables rapid deployment of simulations using cutting-edge highperformance computing configurations, overcoming hardware barriers. With access to pre-configured Ansys apps from anywhere, companies can streamline workflows and reduce complexity. This integration offers over 400 hardware configurations, eliminating the need for costly on-premises clusters. By harnessing Microsoft’s cloud capabilities, manufacturers can optimise efficiency, empower employees with remote access and ultimately deliver enhanced solutions that meet evolving customer demands.” “With AvaTax for Dynamics 365 Business Central, manufacturers benefit from accounts payable functionality within their workflows. The AvaTax for Accounts Payable solution calculates accounts payable tax on purchase orders and purchase invoices, adjusts the amount charged by the vendor or the tax rate/ percentage, reviews journal entries created with accounts payable tax accruals and post the entries to the general ledger. In collaboration, Avalara and Dynamics 365 Business Central offer a reliable, verifiable, and scalable way to assess and report the use tax manufacturers owe, allowing them to focus on enriching the employee experience, driving productivity and meeting customer expectations.” Hank Norris Microsoft Strategic Partnership Director, Ansys Eric Carrasco Senior Product Marketing Manager, Avalara Photo: Adobe Stock/Poobest Photo: Adobe Stock/Summit Art Creations