Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

109 MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS We asked selected Microsoft partners how they are using the latest Microsoft technology to help media organisations make more effective use of their archives Partner perspectives “IPV’s collaboration with Microsoft transforms media stored in Azure into an easily accessible, streaming, and highly searchable active archive. The powerful search engine within Curator, IPV’s new generation of Media Asset Management, uses AI-generated metadata from Azure AI Video Indexer, to accurately surface any archived clip, driving users to their highest value content in seconds. This saves hours of manual searches, enables repurposing and monetisation of existing media, and increases productivity and creative quality. Additionally, Curator’s Adobe Creative Cloud plugin seamlessly connects Adobe users to their Azure archive to achieve native cloud editing, collaboration and intelligent media management, all from within their Adobe apps.” “Leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies, particularly the advanced capabilities of Copilot, Deepdub refines pronunciation and adapts phrases to ensure both accuracy and cultural resonance. This process guarantees that the emotional impact and authenticity of the original media are preserved, enabling creators to deliver compelling and culturally resonant content on a global scale. By maintaining the integrity of the original material while tailoring it to diverse audiences, Deepdub helps media creators connect with viewers worldwide, enhancing the overall viewing experience through precise and culturally aware adaptations. Deepdub is an AI-based platform providing end-to-end dubbing and voiceover services that seamlessly integrates into the postproduction processes.” Oz Krakowski Chief Business Development Officer, Deepdub Daniel Mathew Chief Revenue Officer, IPV