Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

110 “Quickture is the premiere AI video editing solution for the professional market. We help build compelling unscripted stories for reality TV, documentary, news, sports, corporate and social video. This is all real footage, not AI generated, so it can be messy and complex but also endlessly engaging. Our tool needs to organise the footage into story beats and assemble them into dramatic scenes or informative segments. We’re leveraging Azure OpenAI to analyse production companies’ footage and build a discoverable archive of story elements they can use to assemble great stories, fast.” “Generative AI is enhancing content metadata and discovery in ways that were traditionally not viable and scalable. This approach to content metadata enrichment, discoverability, search-ability, convenience, speed and scale enables faster and better content creation, management, marketing and monetisation. Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) and Microsoft have embarked on a collaboration that leverages their complementary strengths in exploring active library scenarios. With PFT’s profound expertise in AI-based media asset management, localisation and workflow optimisation solutions, and Microsoft’s robust technological infrastructure, particularly through Azure’s cloud capabilities and large language models for AI, the partnership brings innovative solutions for managing extensive libraries of multimedia content.” Ramki Sankaranarayanan Founder, President and CEO, Prime Focus Technologies Irad Eyal Founder, Quickture FEATURE Photo: iStock/okugawa