Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

119 approach to adopting a new system. This is achieved by identifying the capability, which is utilising more workload, causing staffing challenges and leading to cost overrun. Then, the next step is to plan accordingly to replace that capability with various options available in terms of automation, process interventions, best practices, possible integrations and bring in the synergies for technology uplift in a phased approach without impacting the service delivery. Safeguarding sensitive information, the continuous delivery of essential services and the preservation of public trust are critical objectives for every public sector organisation. With the rise of cyberattacks, government organisations are facing greater challenges in protecting data and online services. To address the growing cybersecurity challenges, comprehensive data protection solutions need to be deployed. To safeguard critical information from a cyberattack, the right set of technology tools need to be in place such as a platform having secure APIs, integrations to maintain data confidentiality, reliable data encryption and multi-factor authentication for accessing data and secure data storage. Overcoming cybersecurity challenges requires strategic planning, best practices, adaptability, innovation and planned budget allocations. With Microsoft’s ecosystem in many public sector organisations, the entire system can be easily equipped with the latest technology and with AI capabilities to enhance the process of service delivery. The Microsoft Practice at Infosys has enabled synergy by leveraging Microsoft products for successful package implementations, like customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, power platform application development, business intelligence, AI automation, integrated solutions and identity management, for many clients administering essential public services like healthcare, transport, consumer care, postal and utilities. Arunkumar Ashwathanara is an engagement manager for Microsoft Practice Sales at Infosys PUBLIC SECTOR Photo: iStock/pixdeluxe