Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

122 Zivian Health’s technology enables healthcare providers to monitor compliance and ensure quality assurance effectively players. Furthermore, Outbound AI’s out-ofthe box approach helps the mid-market and enterprises adopt AI easily without disruption to legacy systems. Zivian Health Practice providers and healthcare organisations can support their back office administrative requirements with solutions from Zivian Health, including workforce expansion, upskilling and micro badging to streamline efforts that detract from patient care. Fundamentally, Zivian’s technology and tools maintain up-to-date regulatory knowledge that enable healthcare organisations to oversee compliance and quality assurance in an efficient way. However, Zivian offers solutions for a diverse range of operational workflows including licensing services, professional practice evaluation and credentialing for the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Zivian technology saves enterprises thousands of dollars on exorbitant legal, administrative, staffing and operational costs, and reduces turnaround times on these tasks from weeks to days. The partnership between Zivian and Microsoft has helped to implement generative AI-powered solutions that allow Zivian’s platform to learn and grow with each user to best meet the demand of a challenged workforce. While drug discovery and gene folding grab the AI headlines, meaningful solutions for the real world of healthcare can be elusive. However, these three companies are leading the way, helping provider organisations improve care delivery, stakeholder satisfaction and, most importantly, their bottom line. Sally Ann Frank is worldwide lead for health and life sciences at Microsoft for Startups VIEWPOINT “ These companies are helping organisations improve care delivery, stakeholder satisfaction and their bottom line” Photo: Pixabay