Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

121 Outbound AI Microsoft partner Outbound AI is on a mission to improve how people work in healthcare. The company currently serves revenue cycle outsourcers, medical billing companies, physician groups of all sizes, and health systems for hospital, physician, behavioural and physical therapy claims. Its AI agents and services are purpose-built to streamline the labour- and time-intensive tasks that lead to lost revenue, margin compression and, more importantly, worker dissatisfaction and burnout. Initially, the company focuses on the back end of the healthcare revenue cycle, streamlining phone-based administrative work. Its solutions use AI to relieve medical billing teams of the payer phone calls, portal queries and faxes that typically consume up to two-thirds of their day. With Outbound AI, billing teams have the option of shifting some work to AI agents, which can autonomously process tasks. For example, the Outbound AI Claims Work Solution, enables users to ‘hire’ AI virtual agents to perform billing work, enabling staff to prioritise tasks more effectively, focus strategically on key claims and be better prepared to manage larger workloads. AI virtual agents are available for 24 hours a day, all year round. They scale on demand to meet fluctuating volumes and operate at four to five times the pace of their human counterparts. Plus, they do not require special training. Outbound AI implements the solution quickly and easily, with support for most major PUBLIC SECTOR Northwestern Medicine has used Artisight’s AI-powered algorithms to improve productivity and workforce satisfaction Photo: Northwestern Medicine