Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

13 RETAIL & CONSUMER GOODS 126 Adopting a new superpower AI and cloud solutions are providing new ways for retailers to empower and support their frontline workers to make good decisions. Microsoft’s Anya Minbiole tells us more 132 Infosys executives say AI is an agent of change for retailers 133 Rowan Fuller explains how Zebra Technologies is working with Microsoft to help frontline employees 134 Microsoft’s Ricardo Belmar explains how retailers can delight customers and increase return on investment with cloud technologies 136 Celonis is helping retail and consumer goods companies to identify clear steps to improve processes, say Celonis executives PUBLIC SECTOR 112 Delivering intelligent transportation Microsoft’s Doug Priest explains how connected data platforms and technologies can help city leaders to build, maintain and operate more accessible, efficient, reliable and sustainable public transportation systems 118 Modernising infrastructure and adopting AI can enhance operations and safeguard data for public sector organisations, says Arunkumar Ashwathanara at Infosys 120 Microsoft’s Sally Ann Frank explains how AI-powered technology is helping healthcare organisations to improve operations and patient care 124 The cloud is streamlining healthcare and life sciences, according to Microsoft’s Augustin Nolte