Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

133 VIEWPOINT RETAIL & CONSUMER GOODS Co-innovation for the frontline ROWAN FULLER: ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES Microsoft and Zebra Technologies are providing purpose-built solutions and seamless integrations to help frontline employees work more efficiently, productively and securely Workfront’s seventh Annual State of Work report found that almost 50 per cent of employees are likely to quit their jobs if the technology they use at work frustrates them. To help retailers mitigate this risk and achieve our aim of improving the efficiency of the frontline workforce, reduce technology friction and retain staff, we have launched an integration between Microsoft Teams and Zebra Task Management. The joint solution seamlessly leverages Microsoft’s communication platform and Zebra’s task management solution to streamline work for frontline employees. It provides a real-time consolidated mobile view of tasks, priorities, merchandising requirements, checklists and critical documents, all while safeguarding organisational and customer data and improving on-time task completion to 95 per cent. Our retail customers have shared many examples where putting the right hardware and software technology in an associate’s hands has reduced staff turnover and improved employee satisfaction. Every year, a growing number of frontline workers use Zebra devices in their day-today workflows, and they are now using these devices to run more applications than ever before. To further enhance collaboration, we work with Microsoft to deliver the Teams Walkie Talkie app on a wide range of Zebra mobile devices, which include a dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button to directly access Teams Walkie Talkie. We’ve found that enabling employees with communication and collaboration tools means they can quickly and accurately answer customers’ questions, decreasing the time spent helping people by 20 per cent. To support the enablement of the frontline, enterprises are now able to upgrade from Walkie Talkie to Zebra’s Workcloud Communication – available on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. The elevated solutions within Workcloud Communication provide frontline workers with next-generation technology enhancements and benefits including PTT, voice, profile management, analytics and more. As we constantly strive to innovate and provide market-leading solutions to the industry, we will continue to support our global customers together with Microsoft. Find out more about the Zebra Workcloud Communication solutions at: Rowan Fuller is the global sales leader for consulting partners and alliances at Zebra Technologies