Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

VIEWPOINT Retailers can delight customers and increase return on investment with cloud technologies RICARDO BELMAR: MICROSOFT Elevating the shopping experience The retail industry has always been at the forefront of innovation. New technologies combined with global events have pressured retailers to evolve even faster. Customers’ demands are constantly shifting, and today they want shopping experiences tailored to their preferences, wherever and whenever they want to shop. Meanwhile, marketing teams must constantly refine their approach to engage customers across new channels as they emerge. How can retail businesses elevate the shopping experience and build loyalty with customers? The essential elements to building better shopping experiences lie in cloud technology. By embracing cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, as well as solutions built to work within that infrastructure, retailers can optimise their operations, engineer superior customer experiences and ultimately drive profitability and growth. While e-commerce has been a pillar of the retail industry for decades, cloud technology will further elevate the shopping experience. Online shopping enables retailers to reach a wider variety of customers, but this also means that sudden fluctuations in demand can have a greater impact on their business. By tapping into the power of the cloud, retailers can create secure, intuitive e-commerce platforms, attracting customers across geographies. Photo: Adobe Stock/Liubomir 134