Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

30 MARKETWATCH Lanteria adds advanced analytics to HR platform Human resources management system (HRMS) provider Lanteria has released a new analytics module to provide HR managers with advanced employee insights for better decisionmaking. Built on Microsoft Power BI, this new module will provide access to over 40 comprehensive dashboards including recruitment, hiring, diversity, performance and termination analysis. It will also predict attrition and employee risk scores. “We’re taking HR data to the next level with Lanteria and Microsoft,” said Andrew Swiler, CEO of Lanteria. “With faster, more extensive access to employee and business data, organisations can make better, data-informed decisions to support business growth and future planning.” Nasuni releases new guides to help customers utilise Microsoft AI Cloud storage solution provider Nasuni has released new guides to help its customers integrate Microsoft’s Copilot AI with their Nasuni-managed data repositories and operational workflows. The guides aim to educate customers and enable them to create customised Copilot experiences that use their unstructured data sets to unlock further business insights and revenue streams. “While Microsoft Copilot is an incredible general-purpose AI assistant, its true enterprise value is realised when it is infused with an organisation’s domain-specific data,” said Jim Liddle, chief innovation officer of data intelligence and AI at Nasuni. Find out more at: PTC travels around the world to gather insight from innovators passionate about their products Sponsored by PTC, The Third Angle podcast gives a voice to designers from various industries across the world by showcasing their most innovative products and shedding light on how technology contributes to success. Topics covered include the creation of a fully electric motorcycle, a dive into the virtual world and the design of the first commercially available flying car. To date, over 30 companies have taken The Third Angle producers behind the scenes for a hands-on look at their work; a new product is featured every two weeks. Each episode showcases moments where digital innovation changes the physical world and highlights PTC’s role in driving technological advancements. Listen at: VIEWPOINT: RITHIKA HANNAH MESSIAHDAS, INFOSYS How Infosys is helping businesses to navigate AI adoption IT consulting firm Infosys has created a consulting framework, which is a threestep starter programme to help clients to better understand artificial intelligence technology, familiarise themselves with Microsoft Copilot offerings and apply their learnings to plan their path to adopting AI within their business. While there is immense interest in Copilot, and all enterprises are riding this wave at various stages of maturity, it is key for enterprises to ensure the adoption of AI capabilities are truly beneficial and have long-term viability within their organisation. The Infosys Navigate framework helps to articulate AI use cases, contextualise, share a before and after operational view, understand user experience touchpoints, challenges and AI intervention points with persona-based impact analysis. Rithika Hannah Messiahdas is innovation and consulting lead for industry and AI at Infosys