Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

47 Photo: Adobe Stock/ DC Studio text text “In today’s virtual world, we leverage Teams for a range of interactions, from one-to-one meetings to large group presentations. This year, we introduced the AI Sembly agent for notetaking, benefiting both our partner success team and our clients. These notes can be easily uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for tracking purposes. Additionally, the synchronisation of Outlook calendar with Dynamics enhances user productivity. Our partner success team also utilises LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The recent integration of AI into this tool has boosted productivity and effectiveness, and we are excited about its future potential.” “Employees feel rewarded when they engage in meaningful ways, so we design our technology to remove barriers to collaboration in hybrid work environments. We’re working with Microsoft to bring Copilot to all places people work, whether it’s at your computer if you’re working remotely, in the office, or with the latest update – we’ve extended Copilot to the conference room. As certified Microsoft Copilot devices, Logitech Rally Bar microphones capture clear audio to enable Copilot’s speaker recognition and attribution feature, so that meeting summaries can accurately identify which participant said what. The room experience, driven by AI-powered video and audio–plus intelligent recaps allows employees to be their most collaborative selves.” Henry Levak Vice President, Product, Logitech B2B Gary Scharf Global Head, Key Accounts, Project Management Institute